How I Met My Heart Horse

What defines a heart horse? Is it a horse that you love to ride? Or simply a horse you find beautiful that you like to visit? Let me explain the exact definition of heart horse.

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When I came to the barn 4 years ago I had no clue what a ‘heart horse’ was. After getting to know all 40 horses I still did not understand how I could choose a single horse to love. I loved them all so much. Until one day I was asked to groom one of the horses in the back pasture. I started hanging out with this horse, coming to groom her and taking her to the best grass to let her graze.

This was not something immediate or love at first sight. I simply enjoyed hanging out with her, having something to do and talking to her about anything. As I began taking lessons I made it my goal to reach the level to ride her.

The first time I rode Zoey I was so excited and so happy. But it was also a complete disaster. I could not control her and she ran around the arena doing whatever she pleased. I continued taking lessons on her until the owner of the barn approached me asking if I would be interested in a leasing program where I could ‘own’ her once a week.

After I began leasing her and spending much more time with I grew to love and care for her. Originally, I started leasing her just because it was cheaper for me to afford than lessons and it was fun hanging out with the other leasers all day Saturday. But I later realized how much I loved her.

The moment I completely realized how much love and gratitude I had for Zoey is when I showed her at my first horse show in 2019.

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Shortly after showing her this is what I wrote.

“Never in my life would I have realized how much my horse means to me. I never thought that I would come to rely on her so much. That I would cry into her shoulder on my hard days. That I would laugh and play with her on the happy days. She has been with me through some of the worst and best parts of my life. Never did I realize how connected we would become. The first time I truly realized what it mean to love her with my whole heart was in this picture. The exact moment the overhead speaker announced our names for first place. I was speechless. I had a feeling of overwhelming love, appreciation, gratitude, and happiness. All while at the same time having this heart to heart connection where I felt the same love and happiness radiating from her. Ever since that moment Zoey and I have been inseparable. We have had some fun times, such as her throwing me off, playing in the arena, teaching her tricks and simply being the best of friends.”

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