What is Our Barn About?

As a 12 year old girl the barn became my safe place. Even though I was forced to work hard and get dirty, I felt like I had a purpose and reason to be there. Now as an instructor, I am able to help my students through the same things.

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Our barn’s goal is to teach our students discipline, responsibility and love. How exactly do we do this with horses? Well, when the kids come for their lesson nothing is done for them, unlike other barns that have the students horse ready and saddled for them.

When they get to the barn, they are required to go out into the pasture and get their horse, bring them in, groom them and saddle them. This teaches the students that not everything in life is going to be handed to them.

It is stunning to realize how many lessons riding and handling horses can teach you. One good example is when a student is struggling during a lesson, whether they cannot get the horse to go the speed they want or concentrate enough get the horse to walk along the arena wall, I am able to teach them a life lesson. If you are frustrated and feel like you will never figure something out, take a step back, calm down and try again. This applies to most situations in life.

Many of the people you see in these images have a story. For example, Hannah, who came to the barn at age 14 had extreme anger issues. Devoting her time to the barn allowed her to overcome her issues. We have story after story about these kinds of situations.

Riding has been proven to help with mental health

Even though I push my students and work with them through their issues, whether it may be anxiety, self-confidence, disrespect or suicide issues, I love them through it all.

I would like to encourage you to leave me a note if you think there is someone you know that could benefit from a program like this or even if you have seen it help someone before.

Check out my past blogs and read my story about what I went through at age 12!

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