Rosebud’s Rescue Story

As a non-profit called Miracle Horses Healing Hearts, we live up to our name by rescuing horses all over that have the ability to help children through whatever struggles they may be having. One of our most recent rescue is Rosebud.

The owner of my barn, Bobbie, got a call in March of 2018 about a young quarter horse who needed rescued. Bobbie went into the situation not knowing a whole lot. When she got there she found a female palomino quarter horse who had been severely neglected.

Click here to learn more about palominos

This palomino had originally been well taken care of but after her owner got old and disoriented he began hurting her while thinking he was helping. He locked her in a dark and dusty stall and provided her with extreme amounts of hay and food causing her to become severely overweight.

As a fairly young mare, this caused her to become very traumatized, hating any stall or human. Bobbie was finally was able to work with her enough to load her on a trailer and bring her to the farm.

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Once she got to the farm we were forced to keep her in one of our well kept stall due to an injury she had. She was very aggressive and would not trust a single human. It took week after week of working with her and being patient to get her to not lash out every time you opened her stall door.

“I have only seen one other horse who went from hating life and every human to loving life and enjoying working with kids.”

– Bobbie henderson –

After about a year, working with Rosebud, teaching her to trust humans and allow herself to connect with us, we were able to begin using her in the lesson program. Even though she still has major struggles and gets upset and uncomfortable when you bring her into a stall, she is helping students every week. She makes us proud and is a perfect example of what our program is about.

Rescues can be dangerous but we work with them anyways

Check out how these rescues help our kids in one of my previous blogs called What is Our Barn About?

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