Did You Say a Donkey and a Cow??

This is where our goal and mission starts getting a little bit confusing. We are a horse farm but recently we have some new additions that do not quite fit into that category. Meet Maisy the cow and Nacho the donkey.

How exactly do these guys fit in with the horses? If we are being completely honest, we are not sure yet.

We got Nacho and Maisy in early September with no real plan for them. We knew that we had certain kids who were not fond of the horses, whether the were scared of them or simply not interested in riding. We thought the perfect solution might be a few farm animals.

Can we milk Maisy? Short answer is no because she has not had a baby in 3 years. Learn why

As soon as we got these two beloved creatures, we knew they would fit in just fine. They are simple to take care of and the kids love them! The first week we had them, we had visitors that had never been interested in horses coming to spend time grooming Nacho or feeding Maisy her corn.

Most recently we were able to take Nacho to one of our horse shows and enter him into the highly competitive costume contest. Dressed up as the cast of Shrek; a few girls, one horse and one donkey were able to walk in there and wipe out all the competition!

See some of the competition here

Although this is just a fun example, we very much appreciate Nacho and Maisy for the incredible patience they have with the little kids. They are extremely sweet and kind and are willing to say hi if you come visit.

Get the info to come visit us

Also we call Nacho our guard donkey. If you don’t pet him when you pull up and park, Nacho will let everyone in a mile radius know!

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