Dancing Horse

Have you ever seen a horse dance? A special breed of horse, called the Paso Fino are known for their movement and special gait which looks like dancing. Paso Finos are very unique horses and difficult to ride.

Watch a video of a Paso Fino ‘dancing.’

In October, we found a little Paso Fino named Delilah. She is a little white pony that is about 13 hands tall. For those of you who do not know horse measurements, the average normal size horse is about 15-16 hands. This means Delilah is a very small pony.

Another pony like Delilah at a Paso Fino show.

Delilah has a very interesting rescue story. In the past 3 years, she has had 6 different homes. Because she is a very unique breed, no one understood her. Her old owners did not know how to ride her special gait. Therefore they would grab on to her super tight with their legs causing her to go even faster. To help with this, they put a very harsh bridle on her that gave her scars and did permanent damage to her nose, as seen in the pictures above. They also put a really harsh bit in her mouth causing her to hate being ridden all together.

Read about Paso Finos here.

Now that she is at our barn, I have been given special permission to work with her. I ride her several times a week trying to get her to relax and understand that I am not going to hurt her or scare her.

Check out our Facebook page to see when we get new rescues and their progress.

She has only been with us for a few weeks but we already are seeing improvement. She is one of the sweetest horses I have met but she still has her days where she can get very scared and defensive. We hope that soon she will be able to work with the kids and teach them balance. We especially hope that she will teach them that it is ok not be scared.

Read about how our other animals help kids at the barn in one of my last articles called What is Our Barn About?

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