Winter Wonderland at Sarajevo

Below freezing temperatures, iced over water troughs, snowy and slushy fields, and frozen fingers and toes. Believe it or not, we don’t stop for winter at Sarajevo Stables.

Although it can get pretty cold during winter at the barn, we still give riding lessons year-around. Winter can be especially good for our students who struggle with responsibility. To take care of your horse in the winter, you have to be dedicated to grooming them properly and caring for them. However, we occasionally will cancel lessons if it gets ridiculously cold. But most of the time, we encourage the students to dress warm and come in good spirits.

Now what about the horses? How do they fair in the winter? While most people think that cold weather is dangerous for horses and they freeze easily, this is a myth. Although seeing them out standing in the snow breaks our hearts, we know that they are just fine. Horses are wild animals and grow winter coats specifically to keep them warm.

Many horse owners use blankets for their horses in the cold winter months. However, after much research, we have learned that blankets do more harm than good for the horses. Blanketing horses causes them to think it is warmer than it is, meaning that they will not grow a full winter coat. Therefore, when it gets very cold, a horse with no winter coat and only a blanket will experience a cold wind that will rush between the blanket and their skin, making for a bone-chilling winter.

Read more about how blankets are ineffective.

Overall, we know that winter can be rough and sometimes dreadful, but we don’t give up on our kids or horses. Ask any one of our leaders and we will tell you how much we love standing in the barn working with the kids even though it is freezing and we have five layers of clothes on!

Check out one of my last blogs where I talk about how the program helps all kinds of kids.

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