Traditional vs. Digital Journalism Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed the importance of both digital and traditional journalism, how it is highly unlikely that print journalism will ever go extinct.

Ryan Carroll editorial staff member and writer for Miami Valley Newspapers and former graduate of Wright State says, “they both have their place.”

As we discussed before, the question is; which is more important?

“From the world’s perspective, the Internet is the best source of information,” said Carroll, “it gets information out in the way a newspaper can’t like George Floyd, I don’t know that there would have been that type of reaction if it weren’t for the Internet.”

The Internet is great for receiving news quickly, but it often lacks accuracy. “I have seen several times where someone will rush a story out digitally, an hour or two later they have to rush out a retraction,” said Carroll.

It is very difficult to obtain the truth as it was intended because there is no licensing of what you can put on the Internet. The Internet is the perfect place for political agendas to take route and pass as news.

Moreover, print newspaper will only cease to exist if its audience has died out, which is not likely to happen in the near future. Carroll said, “as long as we still have an older generation, they are going to be the ones reading the newspaper.”

 However, there may come a time when newspapers become rare and archaic to be viewed in libraries or old-fashioned towns. Not to mention the newer generation is very conscience of saving the planet, and will do whatever they can to eliminate print news if it means saving trees and cutting down on environmental harms.

Overall, it seems that digital journalism has won the fight. It has been made clear that the world is being taken over by the Internet and the readily available information. Although digital journalism takes precedence, without the print we would have never come this far. There must always be a healthy respect for traditional journalism and the impact it has made on society.

Works Cited

Carroll, Ryan. Interview. By Ilana Menges. 5 April 2021.

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