Capstone Reflection

For my capstone project, I decided to discuss the differences between traditional vs digital journalism. My assignment was to write a two-part article where I posed a question discussing those differences. To entice readers for the second part of the article, I was able to interview Ryan Carroll, writer for Miami Valley Newspapers, for his professional and experienced assessment to provide an understanding to the answer for my analysis.

In the following sentences, I will discuss the topic of traditional vs digital journalism, as well as address the channel I used to publish the articles. In addition, I will debate the success of the interactions with the audience.

To provide a bit of background to this well-known debate, there are two common sides. The popular opinion is that traditional journalism is necessary to the foundation of journalism. This original type of reporting it is what established the roots of journalism.

On the other hand, many people believe that digital journalism is much more prevalent in today’s society. This implies that people want their news at the touch of a button, thus causing traditional journalism to fade out.

For this project, I decided the best way to publish my discoveries was to use this WordPress blog that I had created for the JOU 2203 class. In that class, I created the blog to discuss my career/hobby with horses, and as you can see, I named it “Riding Through Life.”

You may ask, “How does horses have anything to do with traditional vs digital journalism?” Well, it does not. However, I was able to incorporate this project into the blog by advertising it as a special feature.

One of the main reasons I chose this channel to broadcast my articles was because I know that I have many faithful readers here who would be more willing to read my articles and learn about my capstone project.

Through many of my Journalism courses, I have learned that blogs are one of the most freeing options to write. Through my blog, I have been able to express some of my opinions candidly because blogs are intended to be a type of opinion writing.

Choosing the channel to publish my articles was not the only step towards my project. I also had to decide what audience I would be targeting.

This is a simple answer, you. All of you, my faithful readers, have stuck with me through funny stories and serious talks. I knew that when I wrote these articles I would want to share it with the people who had been following my stories for many months now.

Lastly, I knew I needed to engage my audience with this project. How was I going to make traditional vs digital journalism interesting to someone who doesn’t necessarily care for journalism?

Simple, all I did was address both sides. Everyone has an opinion on this debate. In part one of the topic, I talked about each side and how if you prefer traditional journalism, you or your parents probably grew up with newspapers. Likewise, if you prefer digital journalism, you are probably classified within the younger generation, or at least someone who knows how to use technology well.

Another thing that I did to make these articles engaging was to advertise and get my audience excited about a part 2. I advertised for part 2 by mentioning the journalist I would be featuring on my blog. Using a professional name can attract readers who want to hear from a qualified voice.

Overall, I am very pleased that you have stuck with me this long and have been dedicated to my articles and discussions. I hope you have enjoyed reading about traditional vs digital journalism. See you next time!

Check out the 2-part blog topic here!

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