Traditional vs. Digital Journalism Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed the importance of both digital and traditional journalism, how it is highly unlikely that print journalism will ever go extinct. Ryan Carroll editorial staff member and writer for Miami Valley Newspapers and former graduate of Wright State says, “they both have their place.” As we discussed before, the questionContinue reading “Traditional vs. Digital Journalism Part 2”

Traditional vs. Digital Journalism

Journalism has been a part of communities and society since the early 1600s. And prior to that, news was spread primarily by word of mouth. But true journalism meant that the news was to be reported as accurately as possible. As more papers went to print, competition to deliver the biggest headlines ahead of anyoneContinue reading “Traditional vs. Digital Journalism”

Winter Wonderland at Sarajevo

Below freezing temperatures, iced over water troughs, snowy and slushy fields, and frozen fingers and toes. Believe it or not, we don’t stop for winter at Sarajevo Stables. Although it can get pretty cold during winter at the barn, we still give riding lessons year-around. Winter can be especially good for our students who struggleContinue reading “Winter Wonderland at Sarajevo”

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